Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mass Building Tips

Bodybuilding without muscle mass is like a cyclist without a bicycle. Without muscle mass it does not matter that your definition level is high, that the shape of the muscle is good or that the body is symmetric. To put it simple, in order to build muscle mass you will need a good diet, a good training routine and supplements. While talking about supplements would take too long, let us think about the other aspects and give you some mass building tips that you might not have been aware of.

Negative Emphasis

Muscle grows when muscle contracts. in most cases you put a bigger emphasis on the concentric part of the lift. The negative part is sometimes neglected and this is not a great idea. In order to build muscle mass you will want to emphasize the negative part of the movement.


Fish is great in your bodybuilding nutrition. For instance omega-3 fatty acids (present in some fish like salmon) will have a direct impact on your muscles, making them a lot more sensitive when talking about insulin. This basically means that glycogen storage is fueled and glutamine stores will be preserved.

Sodium Intake

In order to build muscle mass faster you should increase your sodium intake. This is because it is a very important mineral that is required by your body when bodybuilding. A lot of bodybuilders will combat this advice due to sodium being able to cause water retentions. On the other hand, you need to understand that sodium will enhance your body's storage of carbohydrates and the absorption of amino acids. To make it even better, the muscle will also respond better to insulin.

No Aerobics

If you want to build muscle mass faster and this is your priority, you have to stop doing aerobics. This is because aerobics will have a negative on strength gaining while also interfering with recovery when you burn up glycogen. Stop aerobics and you will notice that you gain muscle mass faster.

Extra Calories for 3 Days

If you are on a diet based on low calories you will be faced with negative nitrogen. The truth is that you will need fats, protein and carbohydrates in order to build muscle mass and have a faster recovery. Once in a while take in 50% more calories. The result will be an increase in muscle mass build rate with minimum body fat gain. Do not do this more than three days as the benefits you gain will be lost.


Rest is highly important in bodybuilding. We see a lot of bodybuilders that simply can not grow due to the fact that they do not rest enough. If you are constantly training your body always has to recover. Take 2 days off from the gym and you will have a restoration of glycogen combined with an increased anabolism.


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