Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to Begin Bodybuilding

A lot of people think about how to begin bodybuilding and I thought we should discuss this at the moment. The hard truth of the matter is that there is only one way to get those big arms and that is beginning bodybuilding. This brings us to the only two ways to start your walk in this sport: the easy way and the hard way. Your success is determined based on what you choose and what you want to obtain. For instance, if you are looking for bigger arms you can be successful with the easy way. If you want to go into competitions you should go for the hard way. In order to begin bodybuilding properly you will need high quality information about bodybuilding exercise routines, access to the equipment you will need and enough time to go for good workouts (this is not to mention being serious and keeping on being motivated).

Now most people just go to the GYM and start working out without even knowing what they are doing. They take a look around and see the big guy doing that exercise so let us do it as well as it will make us bigger. It sounds right, does it? The answer is NO, of course, as this is not a good way to begin bodybuilding. You will need a good start up workout plan that has to be put on paper so that you will stick to it. Now the biggest problem is that most wannabe bodybuilders will set goals for themselves that are simply impossible to reach. Your goals in bodybuilding need to be honest and realistic. You can not get to be like Stallone or Jean Claude van Dam (two examples of great bodies that are not into competitions but still look good) in 6 months. In fact, all your goals should be set at a time frame of at least 6 months. Keep in mind that beginner bodybuilders do not have the stamina of an experienced bodybuilder and you should not take it to heart if you can not keep up with a training routine like they might have. The only person you need to prove yourself against is viewable in the mirror in the morning when you are washing your teeth.

Your workout plan has to be built while thinking about some important factors. When you begin bodybuilding keep in mind that you should not put in more than 2-3 days per week in your schedule. Make sure at least 2 hours are allocated to each session and always do stretching and cardio before the actual workout. Cardio is also recommended at the end of the session so that you can burn additional fat. Do not put in advanced exercises and start with the basics. Do not put in too much weight as you should focus on correct execution. Keep everything in mind, always ask for help when you do not know something and all will be perfect.


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