Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Get Big Diet

If you want to get big you might want to think about what is called a Get Big Diet. We are basically talking about a nutrition plan that is based on what you need to eat in order to get bigger in the fastest time possible. Here is what you have to consider!

First of, you have to take in enough protein. This means eating fish, poultry, milk and meat. Muscle growth is directly linked with a better metabolism. This basically leads to fat burning. You should think about a diet that is high in protein and only choose foods that are rich in good protein. You can even supplement everything with good protein shakes.

No diet is complete without carbohydrates. You should know that you can not get big if you do not consume enough carbohydrates. Any good bodybuilder will tell you that. You need them for your metabolism and for energy. Good sources of carbohydrates are rice, noodles, oats and whol wheat bread.

If you want to get big you will have to make sure you eat enough. If you want to get big you have to take in around 5000 calories daily. Keep in mind that you will not achieve your goal if all you do is eat. In this case you will just get fat. You need to combine food with proper training. If you do not train hard you will get big in fat and that is not what you want. Also, your body should get the needed nutrients at the right time. This basically means that you have to eat around 6 or 7 meals daily. Do not eat as much as you can at every meal. Calculate the amount of calories you should take in daily and divide it in 6-7 daily meals. Workout on an empty stomach and only eat 30 minutes after you finished working out. You can take special shakes for before exercising.


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