Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Implementing the Pyramid Weight Lifting Technique

Bodybuilding is difficult at times, especially when you are waiting for progress to appear. Most bodybuilders today are using the pyramid weight lifting strategy, one that does work but is not recommended for beginners. By implementing this technique in your workout routine you will see that various plateaus that can appear are usually passed and the best possible results are obtained. Let us take a look at how to properly implement this type of exercise routine in your daily bodybuilding workout routines.

First off you have to make sure that your health is good and that it will allow this type of workout routine. This is because the pyramid weight lifting strategy is basically high stress weight lifting so seeing a doctor and getting the ok before starting it is the best idea possible. If your blood pressure is ok and all the medical issues are cleared by the physician you can start implementing the routine. Now before actually beginning you have to find out which is the decent starting point to use when talking about this pyramid weight lifting strategy. The best example we can use is the exercise that everybody is doing: the bench press. Go to the GYM and do a simple workout in which you can find out the weight with which you are comfortable enough to bench press 10 repetitions. That is your pyramid's starting point.

Before actually starting the workout session make sure that you have completely recovered from the previous step (finding out the starting point for your pyramid weight lifting routine). Being sore on the first day can have a negative impact on the results you can obtain. Leaving this aside, let us begin the actual pyramid. The first set will see you lifting your starting weight and doing 10 repetitions. After this take 2 to 3 minutes to recover and add around 10% to the initial weight. The second pyramid set will see you trying to get in 8 repetitions. The third set will see you adding another 10% to the weight and in this set doing 6 repetitions is enough. For the fourth set you will need to get back to the weight used in the second set and this is where you get to see the efficiency of the pyramid weight lifting strategy. Do 8 repetitions again with this weight although you will notice that it will be a lot more difficult because of muscle fatigue. If you can not do 8 repetitions just do as many as you can. The fifth set will be a repetition of your first one. Try to do 10 repetitions and you will see that it is, again, a lot more difficult. If you can not do 10 just do as many as you can.


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