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An exercise routine that will leave you UP IN ARMS!!!!
Workouts that will give you awesome BICEPS AND TRICEPS
What gives a better feeling than a great pair of arms? Nothing else isn't!!!. Nothing is as impressive to the average person or the hardest of hardcore body builders as well-developed arms. "Flex your arm" is almost always the first request people make when they meet a bodybuilder. A great arm symbolises strength, power, health and masculinity- all over the world!! Arms are the true barometer of manliness and women love'em
We're gonna see the best and effective workouts that will give you the best pair of chiselled arms.

Arm development is largely, if not entirely, dependent on genetics. However most people have the genetic capability of amassing quality arm development, and with proper training you can transform your arms into the very best they can possible be
Now quality arms doesn't mean building the biggest guns in the sport. Quality arms are seldom the biggest but they always look the most impressive. A well-developed arm is one that has good shape, is in proportion with rest of the upper body, has reasonable size, and most importantly, is in great condition- muscularly defined with good separation between biceps and triceps. Quality creates the illusion of size as well. If you learn only one information from this arms manifesto, let it be this- Arm size is completely irrelevant; it's the quality that counts
Countless novice, amateur and even pro bodybuilders place too much emphasis on the size of their arms. "If i could only get a 20-inch arm1" - This is what most guys cry. Believe me, a well-built 17 or 18-inch arm will make short work on a big, undefined, bloated 22-inch arm everytime. The smaller, better-developed arm will actually look bigger in comparison
The popular approach to arm-training is to work the biceps and triceps on different days- and then only after another bodypart. A typical bodybuilder may train triceps after chest or back. On another day, he may work biceps after shoulders or legs. But very few body builders train the two upper-arm muscle groups(biceps and triceps) first, let alone together.

1 set of 15 to 20 repetitions( warmup set)
5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions
This exercise develops and shapes the biceps, particularly the biceps peak. Attach a bar to a floor-level cable pulley. Grasp a short straight bar with an underhand(palms up) grip, hands about shoulders width apart. Keeping your elbows stationary at your sides, extend your arms out and down until your biceps are fully stretched. Curl the bar upward, not letting your elbows, to a position just below your chin. Contract and squeeze the biceps as hard as possible at the top of the movement. Then lower the bar slowly back down to the starting position until your arms are fully stretched. This is a shaping exercise rather than a mass exercise, so the secret to performing it properly is a slow, smooth, controlled motion

5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions
The purpose of the exercise is to stretch the biceps. It develops mass and biceps peak at the same time. Attach two loop handles to the cables running through two overhead pulleys, as if you were about to do cable crossovers. Grasp the handles with an underarm grip and stand erect midway between the pulleys, feet about shoulder width apart. With arms extended straight out to your sides, curl the biceps as far as possible, as if you were hitting a front or rear double biceps-pose. Pause for a second at the top of your movement, flexing and tensing your biceps. Slowly return the handles back along the semicircular arc to the starting position. Avoid bending at the waist. Maintain strict posture throughout the wokout

5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions
Cable concentration curls create maximum height in the biceps, especially the outside head. This exercise is usually done at the end of the biceps training because it is one of the best movements for peaking the muscle. It is a very strict exercise, but the exercise is height, not definition, so use as much weight as you can handle.
Attach a loop handle to a low cable pulley. In a standing position bend over slightly and take the loop with an underhand grip. Rest your free hand on your knee, thigh or some stationary object for stability. Curl the loop up to your deltiod without moving the upper arm or the elbow, and make certain you don't allow your elbow to rest against your thigh or on your knee as commonly seen. As you lift , twist the wrist so that the little finger ends up higher than your thumb to ensure that you're working the outside of the biceps. Tense the muscle fully at the top of the curl before lowering your wrist slowly back to the starting position, resisting all the way to full extension

1 set of 15 to 20 repetitions( warmup set)
5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions
This fundamental triceps movement places intense stress on the entire triceps by working them through a full range of motion, but particularly on the medial and outer heads of the muscle group
Attach the bar handle to the end of a cable running through an overhead pulley. Take an overhand(palms down) grip on the handle, your hands no more than three to five inches apart in the middle of the handle. Set your feet about shoulder width apart, 10 to 12 inches back from the handle. Bend your arms fully and press your upper arms against the sides of the body, where they must rest throughout the set. In the start position your forearms should be parallel with the floor. Lean slightly forward at the waist and maintain this torso position throughout your set.
Moving only your forearms, press the bar as far as possible, locking out your arms and feeling the triceps contract fully. Hold the straight-armed position for a moment, squeezing your triceps. Slowly return the pulley handle back along the arc to the starting point without moving your elbows

5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions

As with normal pulley pushdowns, the one-arm variation stresses the entire muscle complex, particularly the medial and outer heads. This exercise isolates the triceps and helps carve out its horseshoe shape. Attach a loop handle to the end of a cable running through an overhead pulley. Set your feet about shoulder width apart, 10 to 12 inches back from the pulley. Grasp the loop handle in your left hand with an underhand grip, bend your left arm fully, and press your left arm against the side of the body, where it must remain throughout the set.
Keeping your elbows stationary, straighten your arm until it is locked and extended straight down. Flex the triceps in this position for extra contraction. Still not moving the elbow, let your hand come up as far as possible until your forearm touches your biceps, feeling a complete stretch in the triceps. After your have completed with your left arm, switch to your right arm. Be sure to complete the same number of sets and reps for each arm

5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions
This is one of the best exercises for stressing the long inner heads of the triceps muscles. It also stresses the medial heads very intensely and the outer heads somewhat less directly
Fasten a rope attachement to the end of a cable running through an overhead pulley. Take an over-hand grip on each end of the rope with your hands positioned at the bottom of the rope. Facing away from the weight stack, bend your arms fully with the cable running to one side of your head, and walk three or four feet away from where the handle would normally hang
Keeping your elbows stationary, pull down your forearm until it is locked straight out. Flex the triceps in this position for extra contraction. Still not moving the elbow, release your forearm back to the starting position


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